Installation Guide

    Welcome to our guide on how to build your new shelving.

    Once you have received your new Arneg AMX35 shelving from us, you will want to know how to put it together.

    This step by step guide has been created to try and help you do this.

    Look at the pictures below or download the instruction guide and follow the numbers, to put together your new Arneg AMX35 shelving.

    Back panel fitting guide, please use this guide to advise you on how many back panels are required for you choice of upright height:

    Base fitting:

    End leg fitting:

    Wall fix bracket fitting:

    Space bar fitting:

    Base shelf fitting:

    Shelf fitting:

    EPOS ticket rail fitting:

    Shelf bay profile:

    Wall bay profile:

    Wire shelf fitting:

    Wire riser and divider fitting:

    Wall bays shelving hooks fitting:

    Piccolo bar fitting:

    Greeting card display fitting:

    News and magazine shelving fitting:

    Step shelf fitting:

    Fruit and veg bay mirror fitting: